Saturday, April 24, 2010


Don't forget that Monday, April 26th, is the beginning of the NYS English Language Arts exam. On Monday, eighth graders will be completing Book One which is the reading comprehension section. Students will read approximately five different articles, excerpts, and/or poems and answer multiple-choice questions based on those readings. Students will also complete Book Two on Monday which is the listening section of the test. Students will listen and take notes on a passage that is read to them and then answer three or four short-answer questions and then one extended-response question.

On Tuesday, students will complete the reading and writing section of the test. Students will read two related passages, excerpts, and/or poems and then answer a few short-response questions based on the readings as well as write a short essay.

Students should be sure to get plenty of sleep and a good breakfast on the days of the exam. Also, the exam will begin promptly at 8:15 am so students should get to school on time.

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OMG;i cant believe the years gone so fast is it maybe i am a late person or not``` BY ;Fatuma @ Hassan```