Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belated Congratulations

A belated congratulations for the students who earned Student of the Week for 12/13-12/17:

Period One - Lah Yoo
Period Two - Danielle
Period Three - Jahmeer
Period Five - Munirah


Anonymous said...

im glad ta be the student of the week.


Ms. Short said...

You worked hard, Munirah, so you deserved it!

Anonymous said...

hi!! good job munirah!!!!!!! i was just wondering, how does somebody become student of the week? You have to do all of your homework and be nice to others and participate in class, right? but is there anything else you have to do to become student of the week? just is my new years resalution to become student of the week:)

Anonymous said...

thank you mrs.short

Munirah Hampton