Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Four Perfect Pebbles Final Project

Genocide Memorial Project

Due: November 16, 2011

As a class, we’ve been reading Four Perfect Pebbles, and discussing how and why we create memorials for people, groups of people, and events. The Holocaust is an event that has many memorials dedicated to it: the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, numerous books, movies, and poems, as well as many more physical memorials in the form of monuments, statues, and buildings. We might even consider Four Perfect Pebbles to be a memorial to the Holocaust.

Your Task: You and a partner will research a current day or recent genocide and create a memorial for the people affected by that genocide. You will then turn your research into a brochure that will educate your class members about both the genocide and your chosen memorial.

The Products:

Memorial: You will turn in a drawing of a memorial created by you and your partner. The memorial must be a physical object ( such as a building, a statue, or a monument of some sort), and you should turn in a detailed drawing of that memorial. You must show at least one view of the memorial. It must be in color, on clean, white paper that is at least 8x11 inches.

Brochure: You will turn in a brochure that gives factual information about the genocide that you have researched as well as information about the memorial that you created. You must have both paraphrased facts from your research as well as properly punctuated direct quotations from your sources (at least 5). You should also include a properly formatted bibliography in your brochure. Don’t forget to include headings in your brochure to help readers find information easily.


8x11 inch white paper

Markers, pens, crayons, colored pencils

Research (from the computer)

Note paper for note taking


1. Choose a partner or choose to work independently.

2. Take notes on the genocide that you are researching. Be sure to copy BIBLIOGRAPHY INFORMATION!

3. Decide what person or group of people you will memorialize.

4. Create your memorial: draw your memorial on clean, white paper.

5. Create your brochure: fold white paper in thirds and then write neatly in pen or marker to fill in your research. Save the very back for the bibliography.

Turn in your project with your names on both pieces.

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