Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Idiom Origin Project

Students will be exploring the origin of many common idioms by completing the project below:

Not only should students understand the meaning of many idioms used in everyday writing and conversation, but it is also important to understand from where idioms originate. By understanding the history behind many common idioms, students will be better able to understand their true meanings.

Wednesday, 12/7/11 – Introduce Project, Choose Partner, Choose Idioms
Thursday, 12/8/11 – ONLY In-Class Work Day (laptops and other materials available in class)
Friday, 12/9/11 to Sunday, 12/11/11 – Finish Project Outside of Class
Monday, 12/12/11 – Gallery Walk of Posters

Students will:
1. choose a partner with whom to work.
2. be assigned TWO idioms to research.
3. use websites on Ms. Short’s portaportal site to research the meaning of the assigned idioms as well as their origin.
4. create TWO posters. Each poster should contain the idiom, a related picture, its meaning clearly explained, a sentence that correctly uses the idiom, and an explanation of the origin of the idiom.
5. share their idioms during a Gallery Walk on Monday, 12/12/11.
6. complete a chart explaining the meaning of several idioms based on the posters presented by their classmates.

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