Monday, April 23, 2012

Earn a Bonus Five Points

Would you like to earn five bonus points on your lowest grade for the fourth marking period? 

Create an original description of our crazy weather using an example of figurative language and submit it to our blog.  Your description could contain a simile, a metaphor, an example of personification, a hyperbole, or even an idiom.  Be sure that your description is original!

Example - The weather has lost its mind!
                      (use of personification)


Anonymous said...

The bizarre weather had screamed a few seconds ago, and now has smiled upon Syracuse, for it is extremely bi-polar to this place.

~Ema Furuya

Anonymous said...

This weather is ice.bonke rugira

Ms. Short said...

Ema - I think calling the weather bi-polar seems like an accurate description. Warm and sunny last week and cold and rainy this week.