Thursday, November 7, 2013

AVID - Question Four Rewrite

To help AVID students rewrite their question four from the post-assessment.  Here is the question four that was rewritten for class:

Authors purposefully make decisions about how to present information to readers. The way in which an author structures a piece, contributes to its meaning and style. Both "The Bully" and "To Forgive" examine bullying. Analyze the texts and determine how the differing structures and literary devices contribute to meaning and style of each.
In your response, be sure to:
explain how "The Bully" was put together and WHY the author chose a chronological story structure
explain how "To Forgive" was put together and WHY the author chose a short poem (twenty lines)
describe how each author uses figurative language to contribute to the theme and style
include relevant text-based details from both passages

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