Friday, June 19, 2015

Schedule for Last Week of School

Because of the extension in the school year, there has been some confusion about the last week of school.  For ELA class, our schedule will look as follows:

Monday, June 22nd
  • Full Day of Classes
  • Field Days During Specials Classes
  • Peer Evaluation of Projects in ELA and Time for Editing and Revision
Tuesday, June 23rd
  • Full Day of Classes
  • Submission of Final ELA Projects 
  • Self-Reflection

Wednesday, June 24th
  • Full Day of Classes
  • Field Trip for Some Students to Ithaca Science Center
  • Special Saying Goodbye to Seventh Grade Activity in ELA
Thursday, June 25th
  • Half Day of Classes
  • Moving Up Ceremony for 8th Grade
  • Specials as Usual and Then an Activity in Your Second Period Class Until Dismissal

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