Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Installment of the 25-Book Assignment

Just a reminder that the summary activities for the first installment of the 25-book assignment are due on Monday, October 25th. Students have had all marking period to work on the assignment and no late assignments will be accepted. Possible summary activities are printed on the back of the 25-book assignment handout. Additional handouts are located in Ms. Short's room.


Anonymous said...

ms short and ms lesperance how many books did i do. please leave your comment i will loook every day to check to see what you wrote. thanks

Munirah Hampton

Ms. Short said...

Munirah - You can check your 25 book assignment progress on the cabinet in our classroom.

Anonymous said...

hi mrs i haded mines in oct.27 can i still get creits to fatuma hassan

Anonymous said...

ms short. are the xs that are on the paper under my name the total of books i did?

Munirah hampton