Thursday, October 21, 2010

Incentive for Friday, October 29th

To reward the hard work of students throughout the first marking period, the middle school team will be offering a showing of the children's film, "How to Train Your Dragon" in the auditorium on our next half day, Friday, October 29th. To be eligible, students need to be in good academic standing and receive no referrals between Thursday, October 21st and Friday, October 29th.


Anonymous said...

-SHANIECE- I can't wait until Friday. I wanted to see that movie, but never really wanted to go see it.

Natale said...

That movie was really good!!!

Anonymous said...

it was kinda of interseting and i hate to say kind of boring. sorry its my opinion plenty of people at least 95% will agree with me . but it was fun
munirah hampton