Sunday, June 12, 2011

Earn Extra Credit

How would you like a 100% to replace your lowest homework grade even if that homework grade is a 0?

All you need to do evaluate your efforts in ELA over the last year. Give yourself an A, B, C, D, or F and in at least TWO complete sentences justify your grade.

All responses must be submitted by Friday, June 17th, at midnight.


Anonymous said...

The grade i would give my self for Ela would be a b. I give myself this because i really dont focus all that much and i dont do my homework that often

from Jimmeshia Ware

SandN said...

I believe that throughout the year, I have worked very hard in order to develop a good working habit and keep a steady, high grade. So, with all of the effort I have put into my 7th grade year, I have come to the conclusion that an A+ would be an appropriate evaluation grade for my work in ELA over the year.
~Sarah Bennett:)

Anonymous said...

I believe my over all grade for english would be a C because my grade was low for three marking periods. I hope to do well next marking period with all A's and B's if possible with no mistakes and do all my homewrork.

LaNaya Willis

Anonymous said...

I kayla Turner give myself an A on the ELA Tips Editorial that was three paragraphs. I give myself an A because I completed the worksheet and did a very good job on it. The homework assignment was also handed in on time.

Anonymous said...

I would give myself an b because i think i couldve done better. I think i could've tried harder and participated more also.


Anonymous said...

I think that I've worked really hard to get a high grade and improve my writing and comprehension skills. I think I would give myself an A+ due to the fact that I try to complete my work and try hard. :)

-Geneve Cung(:

Anonymous said...

I would give myself an A.This year,I worked very hard.I stayed focus in class and followed all of the rules.I did not get kick out of ELA or in any other clase.BONKE RUGIRA

Anonymous said...

I give myself a b because I don't Participate in class.In ELA I work hard and do my best in everything that why I give myself a b.^_^