Friday, June 10, 2011

Literature Circle Final Projects

Instead of taking a final exam, students will complete a self-selected Literature Circle project. Students can choose one of the following projects:

Literature Circle Book Mobile

Each student will choose important elements of fiction found in the book to

bring them to life through the use of words and pictures. The student will include

characters, setting, plot, conflict, and theme in a creative mobile that will teach

the viewer about the assigned Literature Circle book.

Cartoon Version for Younger Readers

Each student will analyze the important elements of literature found in their

literature circle book and use this information to create a cartoon version of their

book appropriate for younger readers. The cartoon version must be creative

and keep the essential elements of the story including the main characters,

setting, plot, conflict and theme.

Main Character’s Scrapbook or Electronic Scrapbook

Each student will create a paper or electronic scrapbook that could belong to

the main character. The scrapbook will be comprised of both words and pictures

and reflect the other characters in the story, the setting, plot, conflict, and

theme of the assigned Literature Circle book.

Students will get more specific instructions and a project rubric in class on Monday, June 13th.

All projects are due to Ms. Short no later than 3 PM on Monday, June 20th.

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