Friday, October 21, 2011

Holocaust Research Project

Students have spent the last two days researching various topics surrounding the Holocaust. On Monday, students will creative informative posters and rehearse for oral presentations on Tuesday. Students have been researching one of the following topics and are attempting to answer the related questions:

Hitler Youth:
Who created Hitler Youth?
What was the purpose of Hitler Youth?
Who joined Hitler Youth? Why did they join?
What kinds of things did Hitler Youth do?
How did Hitler Youth affect WWII and the Holocaust?

Who created the propaganda?
What purpose did it serve?
Who did it target?
How did it help the Nazi party?

Nuremberg Laws:
What were the Nuremberg Laws?
Who did they affect?
What did they prohibit?
What did they force people to do?
Who were they good for?
Who were they bad for?
What are some examples of laws that were included?
Why did the Nazi party create them and how did they help the Nazi party?

Life in the Ghettos:
What were the ghettos? What are some examples of ghettos?
Who lived there?
What were conditions like?
What purpose did they serve for the Nazi party?

Jewish Resistance:
How did Jewish people resist the Nazis?
How did non-Jews resist?
What happened in the Warsaw Ghetto?
What other examples are there of resistance?

What was the kindertransport?
Who went on it?
Where did these children go?
How many children were there?

Nuremberg Trials:
What were they?
How did they get their name?
Who was involved?
What was the outcome?
Why were they held?

Westerbork Transit Camp:
What was a transit camp?
What was it used for?
Where did people go after the transit camps?
How did they get there?
What were conditions like?
What were some other examples of transit camps?
What do we know specifically about Westerbork?

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