Thursday, May 23, 2013

Connecting to Nightjohn

As our ELA classes finish Nightjohn, it would be interesting to note what each student learned from reading this novel.  Although we will be exploring this in class, let's discuss it here on the blog as well.

To earn five bonus points on your lowest grade(s), please write a complete sentence or two explaining what lesson you learned from reading Nightjohn.  Be sure to write your name with your response.

All responses must be completed by midnight on Friday, May 31st, 2013.


Anonymous said...

While reading Nightjohn I learned that being a slave was hard . Also during my experience while reading the book i learned that slaves were treated unfairly by not being taught to read and write etc.
-Ivory Brooks-

Anonymous said...

The lesson I learned from reading Night John is we should be happy we are able to learn how to read and write because reading and writing are very important in life.

~Imane Aitnajim

Anonymous said...

The Lesson that I Learned From Reading Night John was that I should be thankful for Reading and Writing . I Should be Thankful for reading and writing because back than the slaves couldn't read or write. Now a days we can read,write and even more !

~Florence Mihigo :)

Anonymous said...

When I was reading NightJohn a lesson I learned was that you have to be aware and careful of your surroundings.

-Aastha Dhimal---

Anonymous said...

From reading Nightjohn I learned about the cruelty of slavery and how crazy slave owners like Old Waller had no sympathy for slaves.

-Ibada Shirwa

Anonymous said...

The lesson i learned while reading and watching Nightjohn was slavery was a very difficult time and ,sometimes you have to break the rules to get a better life for your self and others.

~Dadiri Haji

Anonymous said...

the only people who know the taste of slavery were the slaves...others are just describing or reading the desicirption.