Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Final ELA Research Project

Since May 30th , students have been working on the final project of the year by researching and then creating an ABC book on slavery and the abolitionist movement.  The guidelines for the project are below:

To demonstrate your knowledge of slavery and the abolitionist movement, you will create a children’s book about that subject matter.
The ABC Book
o   Each student will choose words for nearly each letter of the alphabet that outline the major events, ideas, people, and places related to slavery and the abolitionist movement. 
o   Students will be able to use information gained from our in-class learning activities including the novel, Nightjohn, as well as information gathered during our research days.

REQUIRED MATERIALS:             alphabet planner chart
                                                book pages
                                                markers, colored pencils, or crayons

PROCEDURE:  Students will brainstorm words for each letter of the alphabet that represent something important from slavery and the abolitionist movement.  The words can be names of important people, key places, significant events, noteworthy ideas, etc.  Students will then explain the word’s significance in at least three complete sentences as well as provide a related picture.  Pictures can be hand-drawn, computer generated, and/or cut out of newspapers and magazines.  Students will then combine this information into a creative ABC book that highlights this important time period in American history.  The ABC book can be typed or handwritten, but should be neat and pleasing to the eye.


5/30 –                            Introduce Project
5/31 and 6/3 -                Research Tips and Practice
6/4 to 6/7 -                    Library Research Days
6/10 to 6/14 -                 In-class Work Days

Each project will be graded using the rubric on the reverse and will be worth 100 points in the student’s test average.  Students may work independently or with a partner to complete the project.  Students working with a partner will receive the same grade. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to earn five class work points each research and project work day. 

Projects are due on Monday, June 17th, 2013 by 3 PM

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