Saturday, January 5, 2013

Extra Credit Opportunity

Help create a WORDLE for persuasive writing. 
A WORDLE is a cloud of words on a related topic.  You can see one above created for our ELA classes.  Earn ten bonus points by listing ten words related to persuasive writing.  Don't forget to write your name with your response.

All responses must be received (with your name) by Thursday, January 10th at midnight.


jacquezlucas said...

1. thinking
2. Facts
3. claims
4. supporting detail
5. thesis
6. Hook
7. counter claim
8. Topic sentence
9. elabortion
10. another supporting detail

///~Jacquez Lucas~\\\

jazon thompkins said...

topic sentences, 2 or more supporting details elaboration spelling grammer concluding sentences hook claim thesis statement and a couple supporting evidence and also a counterclaim


ahlaam said...

1. Next
2. Finally
3. In other words
4. I believe
5. In fact
6. Moreover
7. As evidence
8. To be sure
9. Further
10.It is my belief that

Anonymous said...

1.)Supporting details 2.)Counter Claim or Counter Argument 3.)Elaboration 4.)Thesis Statement 5.)Concluding Sentence 6.)Hook 7.)Topic Sentence 8.)Facts 9.)spelling Grammar 10.)Next
-Florence Mihigo

Anonymous said...

Rahmmo Sharif-Abdullahi said...
1. thesis
4 topic sentance
5. 2 or more supporting detail
6. claim
7. counter claim
9. evidence
10. where you got the information