Monday, January 14, 2013

Out of Class Reading Assignments

The second installment of the out of class reading assignment is due this Friday, January 18th.  After reading a book, a student must complete one of the following summary activities:
  • Create a collage!

    Using pictures and words from magazines and newspapers, students can create a collage that shows the characters, setting, plot, and theme of the book. Students can also create a digital collage at
  • Rewrite the ending!

    In at least three full paragraphs, rewrite the ending of the story. For non-fiction texts, students can create a short creative story based in the events of the text.
  • Create a diary!

    Using details from the text, students can become one of the characters and create a diary of at least ten entries that tells the character’s thoughts and feelings throughout the story.
  • Redo the book jacket.

    Design new front and back covers for the book. Draw the images and include a write up about the book on the back cover.
  • Create an illustrated timeline.

    Choose the ten most important events in the text and create an illustrated timeline of pictures and words that explains the main ideas in the book.
  •  Interview the main character.

    Students can pretend that they are a talk show host and that the main character is their guest. Students will write out the interview complete with the questions asked and the answers the main character would likely give.
  • Create a cartoon version of the book.

    Students will identify the most important events in the text and then recreate the story in a cartoon version appropriate for younger children.
  • Students should think about whether or not they would recommend the book they read to other students.  Students should write a complete review of the book summarizing the main events and explaining whether or not they think other students should read the book.  Students can then share their review by videotaping it or posting it at Share What You’re Reading at
  • Design a movie poster.

    Students can imagine that their book is being made into a movie. Students will design a movie poster that illustrates and important scene from the book and persuades people to see the movie.

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