Friday, January 25, 2013

Student Generated Examples of Alliteration

The AVID students acted awkward while adoring the average new student. - Ivory
My aunt’s ancestors appeared to amuse the acrobats. - Nyazhia
Angry alligator ate children of all ages. - Jacqueline

 Brutal barbarians baked a bear for dinner. - Brandon
Barefoot burglars got attacked by brutal bulldogs. - Antwaun
Brutal bugs were bullied by a bulldog that was barking. - Francisco

My crazy cousin counted crispy candy carefully. - Dararetu
The chemicals created a crazy cow! - Lah Doh
My cantankerous cousin caged the crazy cat. - Trevonne

The dangerous dolphins drastically defended against the dizzy dogs. - Joshua
Duralin the Dwarf declared that dresses were dreary and dangerous. - Daniel B.

The extreme elephants entertained the emperor. - Guru Dev
Eels escape to enjoy an easy, nice life in the ocean. - Patricia
The expert entered and expressed himself. - Osman

Females love fancy flowers from their faithful boyfriends. - Christina
The fat fish finished first. - Shakim
The fast falcons finished first. - Argjend
Phenomenal farmers sell fancy flowers. - Durga

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